Guidelines and Address Information

Sample Requirements / Collection

• Sample requirements are included in PRIMA’s proposal.
• See Guidelines for Collecting Soil and Water for more information on sample containers, packaging, etc.


Samples should be shipped in a cooler, on ice. Wet ice is fine as long as the ice is in a plastic bag so meltwater won’t leak from the cooler and the ice is not the primary material preventing glass bottles from moving.

Packaging Exceptions

• Water collected in 5-gallon buckets or carboys does not need to be chilled and the containers can be shipped as is – do not put them in a cooler or box.

o If using 5-gallon buckets, use traditional lids with tear tabs or screw-top lids. Do NOT use flexible, “EZ Peel” lids – they will leak during transport.
o If using carboys, be sure they are not red – shipping companies may assume they are gas cans regardless of the label. Tape caps well.
o Label the containers “Non-potable Water”.

• Soil cores – do not place soil cores in direct contact with ice. The ice will melt and the meltwater may seep into the cores.


Ship samples under chain of custody via overnight delivery to:

Sample Receiving
PRIMA Environmental, Inc.
5070 Robert J Mathews Parkway, Suite 300
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Note: PRIMA does not receive on Saturdays or Holidays.


Samples Originating Outside the United States

PRIMA is USDA-certified to receive soil from foreign countries, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Contact PRIMA for additional instructions if shipping soil originating outside the continental United States or Alaska.

Chain of Custody

Download Chain of Custody