Column Testing

PRIMA Environmental performs column tests to meet a variety of test goals.  Depending upon the needs of the study, columns may be small or large, have one sample port or several, and have a contact time of minutes or days.   Examples of column tests include:

CVOC degradation by ZVI for PRB design.  PRMA frequently uses multi-port columns to measure rate constants of PCE and TCE reduction by zero-valent iron.  Other types of PRB materials can also be evaluated using columns.

Evaluation of SMI for selenium removal.  Small, screening level column tests are run to determine whether further investigation (including a field pilot test) is warranted. Click here for more information. 

Perchlorate removal via soil flushing.  6-Inch diameter, 6 foot tall columns were run to determine whether perchlorate could be removed via soil flushing and if other soil constituents would be mobilized.  Click here for more information

Metals removal in sulfate reducing PRB.  Column tests using compost or similar materials are performed to determine if metals can be removed from water under sulfate-reducing conditions.  Contact times are often on the order of days.

Treatment of unsaturated soil by ozone.  Column tests demonstrated that ozone could destroy PCBs, SVOCs and TPH.

Measurement of arsenic RF and Kd.  Column tests were performed on soil and groundwater to measure the site-specific retardation factors (RF) and adsorption coefficients (Kd) of total arsenic, As(III), and As(V).


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