Custom Lab Work

PRIMA has designed and conducted many bench-scale studies to assist clients in better understanding their sites. Examples of such tests include:

  • Extraction of pore water from soil cores under anaerobic conditions
  • Investigation of the potential for natural formation of Cr(VI) in soils, through measurement of easily reducible manganese and other parameters
  • Development of a method to measure the soil reductant demand of calcium polysulfide (CaSx) in order to better estimate the amount of CaSx needed for in situ reduction of Cr(VI)
  • Long-term column test to assess stability of treated mine tailings
  • Performance of column tests to assess the effect of influent water quality on the release of arsenic from soil in order to determine the source(s) of arsenic in site groundwater
  • Measurement of lead distribution in soil to evaluate whether sieving can reduce the amount of soil requiring disposal,
  • Identification of black residue on fixtures at a public pool,
  • Performance of large (6 inch diameter by 6 feet high) column tests to evaluate leaching of perchlorate from soil
  • Measurement of aquatic humic substances to obtain site-specific inputs to risk models
  • Investigation of the matrix effects of surfactants on Oil and Grease analysis (EPA 1664)
  • Evaluation of the effect of soil saturation level on biodegradation of TPH
  • Optimization of reagent dose for ex situ treatment of aqueous 1,4-dioxane by catalyzed Hydrogen peroxide


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