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Calculation Shortcuts

NaOH and SP Conversions

What is a 2:1 mole ratio of NaOH to SP in grams? How much 25% NaOH solution is 107 moles of NaOH? Below are a few shortcuts so you don’t have to derive the equations every time or dust off that chemistry text book.

Moles to grams

1 mole NaOH = 40 g NaOH
1 mole SP = 238 g SP

2:1 mole ratio of NaOH to SP equals

0.336 kg NaOH / kg SP =
1.05 L of 25%(w/w) NaOH / kg SP

NaOH Conversions

1 kg NaOH =
25 moles NaOH =
3.125L of 25%(w/w) NaOH

25%(w/w) NaOH =
8 moles/L NaOH =
320 g NaOH/L