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Our Process

Working With PRIMA

PRIMA Environmental, Inc. performs laboratory testing under subcontract to environmental consulting and engineering firms located throughout the United States.  After discussing URS-FP soils (2)the particular needs of the project, PRIMA will propose a Scope of Work to address the site-specific questions. PRIMA welcomes input from clients and regulators during development of the Scope of Work to ensure that all parties agree that the test procedures proposed are reasonable and that the results will be meaningful. Upon approval of the Scope of Work, PRIMA will conduct the bench-scale testing, then prepare a detailed report.

Our process is as follows:

  1. You contact us to discuss your site and bench-test goals.
  2. We will prepare a scope of work and cost estimate based on discussions.
  3. You will review the proposal.  We will make adjustments, if needed.  (Because bench tests rarely have standard methods, we can customize tests to fit most goals and budgets.)
  4. You ship us samples.
  5. We perform the bench test, then submit a draft report.
  6. You review the draft report and provide comments.
  7. We submit a final report.